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About Us

localposh in-a-nutshell

Imagine a world where ideas are not only shared, but the result of those ideas are shared too. Localposh is here to make that world a reality by supporting small, local businesses in their journey to connect directly to local buyers.

Localposh allows buyers to go online and shop for the products their neighborhood stores offer without leaving their home. Looking for a tee that only the vintage clothing store in Soho can get right? Can’t stop thinking about the bottles of wine the older woman down the street from your Lower East Side apartment sells? Need to say “I’m sorry” to your girlfriend, and only the tulip arrangement at the corner store by your office will do the trick? Localposh has your back and will literally hand deliver these can’t-find-anywhere-else products to your door. The best part? They promise same-day, and if the product is right, one-hour, delivery.

Localposh acts as a liaison between small businesses and New Yorkers hungry for a taste of what their neighbors have to offer, whether that be in the form of fashion, floral, wine, homegoods, or pets.

But wait- it gets better. Localposh provides no-commitment shopping for those of us who sometimes can’t make our minds up or don’t want to be burdened by online returns. Don’t want your item? Leave it at the address you shipped to and we’ll pick it up that day. It’s that easy.

Turning 70% failure into 100% success

At localposh, we think big–and those big ideas aim to help small businesses. We know small, local stores don't have the ability to reach the audience of big e-commerce companies – and many don't have the time or resources to sell online at all. We're here to change that.

With a seamless e-commerce platform that lets stores sell to a larger audience, localposh is dedicated to ensuring our neighborhood retailers can thrive in an immensely competitive landscape. So while historically 70% of small businesses fail, our goal is for 100% to succeed.

We also know what customers want–and convenience is at the top of the list. But we also believe people want to support their community–so we just made it easier for them.

We're partners, not competitors

You know those major e-commerce platforms that "spotlight" local merchants, but still sell their own inventory of lesser quality product for a cheaper price? Yeah, we don't do that. In fact, we don't hold any inventory.

When we say we're partners, we mean it.

When you buy local, you build local

Think your purchases don't have any impact? It's simple math: spending money locally means more money can be re-spent locally. This building of the local tax base may lead to more money spent on public infrastructure and taxable transactions to fund local services.

We know life gets messy, and the click of a button can beat a visit to a store. But with same-day delivery, POSH Rewards, and no commitment shopping options on a selection of products, it has never been more convenient to shop local.

Innovate to cultivate

Innovation is in. When big ideas and dedicated partners come together, they can produce results that have a ripple effect.

Our seamless e-commerce platform includes an online marketplace that adds value and convenience for shoppers, as well as an integrated e-commerce POS system that accept digital currency online. It's how we keep small retailers in the game. It's also how local communities thrive. Because when local businesses win, we all win.


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