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How Can We Help You?


I am the owner of a local business. How do I begin the process of partnering with localposh?

Fill out the application form here.

What types of businesses does localposh partner with?

Localposh is excited to partner with any local retail business.

What areas does localposh deliver to?

As of now, localposh only delivers to customers based out of Manhattan and Brooklyn. This will be expanding soon!.

Does localposh deliver alcoholic beverages?

Yes! Localposh deliverers are trained in how to legally deliver alcoholic beverages.

Does localposh deliver cannabis products?

No, localposh currently does not have the capacity to deliver cannabis products.

My Account

I can't sign into my account, what should I do?

Try refreshing the webpage and double-check you are using the correct password. For more account accessibility issues, please reach out to shopsmall@localposh.com.


How fast can my products be shipped to me?

Localposh will have the product you ordered delivered to your door in as little as 1 hour.


How do I return a product?

Click here to submit a return.

Will you pick up my return?

Absolutely! Just submit your return, pay a small delivery fee, and we will pick up your return from your shipping address.


Will my delivery driver have access to my information?

Your delivery driver will only have access to the information needed to successfully complete the delivery. After the delivery is complete, they will no longer have access to your information.

Resolution Center

For Sellers

Email sell@localposh with any concerns or issues you might be experiencing.

For Buyers

Email shopsmall@localposh with any concerns or issues you might be experiencing.

For Deliverers

Email drive@localposh with any concerns or issues you might be experiencing.


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